Job portal

Leave the work of placing the right ads to us - compact and efficient

Filling your job vacancies with the right people starts with a bespoke recruitment service.

What sort of person is wanted? For what sort of role? In what kind of company? Why is it important?

The culture of a company often plays a far greater role in the selection of the right employee than is normally assumed to be the case. We will work with you to find effective channels. Compact ad placement includes job advertisements on our job portal as well as 25 additional online portals, and also caters for numerous derivative labour markets. The saying "the more the merrier" really counts here!

Our services at a glance:

  • Online ad placement with Auren job portal
  • Links to diverse online labour markets
  • Compliance with General Act on Equal Treatment (AAG)
  • Electronic applicant management
  • Preselection of applicant profiles
  • Use of our speculative application portal
  • Personnel recruitment

Please find the Auren job portal here.

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